Terms of use:

1. All the data provided by the users of this website will become part of a computerized data base which will only be used for web management and communication with the user about any topic that may be considered relevant. You have the right to modify or delete your data at any moment, through your user area (Erasmobility has at your disposal in the private area of the users web a section which allows you to do so) or through email to info@erasmobility.com, attaching a copy of your ID, together with your signature and a document that certifies that you are the owner of the data to be deleted.

2. Erasmobility only publishes content or information related to Teaching Institutions or companies interested in making collaboration agreements with them, we reserve the right to remove all content that does not comply with this clause. Erasmobility is not required to communicate such deletion in writing.

3. A user or visitor of Erasmobility has the right to:
4. A user or visitor of Erasmobility cannot:
Erasmobility reserves the right to sanction or terminate a user in the event that it infringes one, several or all of these clauses.

5. A user of Erasmobility can only include free or copyrighted photographs, as long as they are owned by the same person that includes them on the Erasmobility website. The user that includes a photograph or image will assign the rights of use of the same to Erasmobility and may be used by Erasmobility for any purpose related to this web page or any of its activities in social networks or by means of printed communications or by electronic mail. The owner of any photograph included in the Erasmobility website, as long as this photo is not 'free of rights', may request its removal or modification by means of a written and signed communication and attaching a copy of your ID to info@erasmobility.com, as well as a document certifying the authorship or ownership of said image or photograph.

6. Erasmobility reserves the right to cancel a user if it observes any type of irregularity that may affect the proper functioning of the website, or the public image thereof, without prior notice and without requesting the user's consent. The infringement of any point specified in this document will also be grounds for unsubscribing.

7. Erasmobility reserves the right to add, modify or delete texts or images of any user, as long as any content is considered inappropriate or in conflict with what is established in this document.

8. Erasmobility is not responsible for the loss of data that may occur in any area of this website, whether this loss is caused by a human error or a technical problem.

9. Erasmobility is not responsible for any inconvenience that may be caused by programming errors of the web as well as by the content itself.

10. Erasmobility is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by the non-accessibility to the website or by the total or partial impossibility of using any of its services, either due to problems with other operators or connectivity problems with the server. Therefore, the user of the web accepts the complexity and possibility of error of the Internet and of any element or elements that intervene in the communication between an access device and the server where Erasmobility is hosted.

11. Erasmobility does not guarantee that the web or any of its services can be used in all or some of the computer platforms, access devices or Internet browsers.

12. This website and its tools are offered as they are, without any guarantee and no claim rights for free services. Likewise, Erasmobility is not responsible for any programming errors that could affect in any way or form any user of Erasmobility. Likewise, Erasmobility is not responsible for any external factors that could affect the operation of the website.

13. Erasmobility reserves the right to include or eliminate any payment service, in which case, a user who has paid for a deleted service may request the refund of money not used, or otherwise the proportional part for the time not consumed or used. Erasmobility reserves the right to modify the condition or state of gratuity of any of its services, being able to convert free payment services or free services into payment services.

14. Erasmobility will always notify in advance any change or  elimination of any of its payment services, through any of its official means of communication, such as: email, RSS, Facebook or Twitter. Also, Erasmobility is not responsible for users not receiving or reading a communication for whatever reason.

15. Erasmobility is not responsible for the messages or photographs included by the users of the web, as well as for any copyright infringement caused by a content included by a user. If there is any copyrighted content, the owner of these rights may require Erasmobility to withdraw this content, through the e-mail: info@erasmobility.com, as long as it provides a photocopy of their ID as well as the signature of the author and a document certifying said authorship.

16. Erasmobility reserves the right to make changes to the services, policies and terms and conditions, including these Terms of Use, at any time. The user will be subject to the terms and conditions, policies and Terms of Use of the services in force on the date on which he uses the Erasmobility services.